Join the Helping Hands Monthly Giving Club

Making a monthly gift is an easy way for our supporters to give to House of Neighborly Service!

You can make a monthly, recurring gift to House of Neighborly Service and save time and paper in renewing your support. A monthly gift also allows House of Neighborly Service to build a dependable base of supporters and devote valuable staff time to families and children rather than sending costly reminders to renew the support of our devoted donors.

To set up your monthly, recurring gift please contact Sarah 970.667.4939 X131.

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Make a Legacy Gift

Help House of Neighborly Service serve our community – now and in the future.

Bequest Gift: After you have provided for your loved ones, consider leaving a charitable gift to House of Neighborly Service.  A bequest will provide crucial funds for families and children in need in the future.

This is an easy way to leave a legacy to House of Neighborly Service.  Your assets remain under your control until death and you can direct your gift exactly as you want.  You may also be eligible for an estate tax deduction, depending on the size of your estate, and there is no upper limit on the estate tax deduction for charitable bequests, like those to House of Neighborly Service.

Other Ways to Give:  You might consider making a gift of retirement assets, life insurance, and other assets such as real estate and securities to House of Neighborly Service.  There are often tax advantages to doing so, and you can support House of Neighborly Service’s commitment to make your community a better place for generations to come.  HNS has attorneys skilled in helping you plan for this type of planned gift.

The demand for services at House of Neighborly Service is unprecedented in its history while funding has become more scarce and variable. In order to provide for the future, House of Neighborly Service has created an endowment with the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado to ensure the delivery of current services and expand services through existing programs.

If you have questions about making a legacy gift to House of Neighborly Service or contributing to our endowment fund, please contact Executive Director Glorie Magrum 970.667.4939 x125