137 Homeless Connection is an outreach program of House of Neighborly Service serving homeless adults.

This outreach program, fondly called 137 by community members, is a two component outreach program:

137 Day Center, located at 137 S Lincoln, Loveland is open year round.

  • 8:00am-11:30am Monday through Friday for basic services
  • 1:00pm-4:00 pm Mondays through Thursday by appointment for counseling sessions, mentoring and training
  • Case management, advocacy and referrals are a key part of the 137 programs.  Clients may receive showers, laundry, storage, phone, computer and mail services based on availability and participant engagement with case managers.
  • Mental health assessments and counseling and substance abuse counseling are available on a case by case basis and coordinated by SummitStone Health Partners and 137 staff.  

137 Inclement Weather Night Shelter:

  • Available mid-November-February when night temperature falls below 20 degrees.
  • Clients are hosted by a Church Network
  • Transportation may be provided from the 137 Homeless Connection Day Center.
  • All clients are required to be breathalyzed and comply with 137 Homeless Connection rules.

New Life Program is made available through referrals to other community partners and volunteers.  Ask your caseworker about this opportunity.

WHAT: The New Life Program, is for those individuals who are seeking a new way out of homelessness. It is designed to bring hope, acceptance, respect and responsibility by connecting each person to their identity & to their life purpose & plan.

WHO: Adult homeless individuals who are looking for a hand up.

PROGRAM: The New Life Program helps each person to connect to their identity and life purpose through discovering their gifts / strengths. Rather than initially focusing on problem areas, which may contribute to hopelessness, inferiority issues and actually dis-empower, we use these identified gifts / strengths to address the needed areas of their lives. This will empower each participant to develop and maintain healthy productive relationships including family, job and community.

STRUCTURE: The New Life Program is an individualized program with advancing levels. It consists of five components within its structure: case management, personal / spiritual development, an education / career tract, referral system and a work / volunteer tract.


137 Homeless Connection provides a home base for their guests in a supportive, family-like atmosphere.  Volunteering at 137 is like joining a welcoming family.  Every volunteer brings their own life experiences and talents to 137 and those gifts are used in some amazing ways.  Doug and Val, manager and assistant manager, have a way of finding those gifts so that volunteers have a fulfilling experience while meeting some basic needs of the guests that they serve.  Many heart wrenching and frustrating stories are told, tears are shed and sometimes tempers flare, but the overall atmosphere is light, loving, hopeful and fun. You often hear volunteers say that they receive back more than they give; this is so true at 137.  Most volunteers handle day to day operations: accessing lockers, maximizing use of the showers and laundry, and making sure that chores are completed.  Others may handle construction and maintenance, organizing events, or raising public and sometimes political awareness. But for volunteers and the guests, the most important thing is just being there.  Relationships are built, each person finds respect and hope is inspired.

To apply, please complete the HNS Application on the Serve tab.

John’s story:  This story is about John, a 52 year old man. He was a former employee at IBM for 16 years, was married for 10 years before his divorce, with 5 grown children, 1 girl and 4 boys from which he was estranged. read more

Gardening: One of our many projects at 137 is gardening where guests plant, water, weed, and eat from the fruit of their labors.

137 Homeless Connection
137 South Lincoln
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone: (970) 685.4173
Email:  contact@honservice.org
Hours of Operation:
137 Day Center open year-round Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Inclement weather shelter mid-November-February

Loveland does not have a permanent shelter but those seeking shelter services are provided information about all community resources.