The House of Neighborly Service Food Program is the number one service we provide. It is a vital and basic need for all people. 

Clothing items are the second most requested service from HNS.

Have fun and make a big impact by holding a food and clothing drive.

Organized food and clothing drives for House of Neighborly Service are the life line for the Food and Clothing Programs. It can be a great way to get your family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends involved in something that gives right back to neighbors in our community.  Foods needed for HNS food baskets:

Staple items for food baskets:
Peanut butter
Canned fruits & vegetables
Pasta & tomato sauce
Flour/pancake/muffin mixes

For homeless baskets:
Canned meat, especially pop-top
Fruit/applesauce cups
Nutritious snacks (dried fruit, granola bars, etc.)

Toiletry items:
Laundry & dish detergents
Toilet paper/tissues/paper towels
Feminine hygiene items
Soap/body wash

Love your neighbor as yourself.
For more information, please contact Erin, Food Program Manager or Alma, Clothing Program Manager, at (970) 667-4939 and they will provide you with all the tools necessary to create your own special event.