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SCHEELS Pledges $260,000 to the Berthoud Life Center Capital Campaign

House of Neighborly Service is excited to announce that SCHEELS, a longtime supporter of our organization, has generously donated $260,000 to our Berthoud Life Center Capital Campaign. SCHEELS joins other local donors in propelling the dream of a Life Center (owned and operated by House of Neighborly Service) forward in our Berthoud community. It means so much to have a strong partnership with the local Johnstown store and a corporation that cares deeply about giving back to their community. In exchange for their donation, HNS will proudly display the SCHEELS name in the Berthoud Life Center large Meeting Room where community collaboration can take place.

“It is such an honor to partner with a corporation like SCHEELS who has shown their commitment to making our shared community a better place. Their donation to our Berthoud Life Center will allow us to create something together that will leave a legacy in this thriving community, and support our efforts to bring additional services and resources while opening a space for the entire community to share life together. We are grateful and excited to have them join us on this journey.” Cherri Houle, Executive Director, House of Neighborly Service

The planned Berthoud Life Center will allow House of Neighborly Service to expand existing services in Berthoud while also providing community space for residents and businesses, and offering affordable rental space for up to 10 partnering non-profits to serve the needs of the community. The vision is a place where people can come together no matter where they are in their life’s journey. Whether receiving help to change the circumstances in their life, volunteering valuable time and resources to support others, or utilizing community spaces for business or personal events, to learn new things or celebrate life together – this will truly be a place built by the community and for the community.

The Berthoud Life Center will be constructed on land that was purchased by private funders in a central part of town. A capital campaign is currently underway to raise the remaining funds to support this project with a vision of serving our community’s needs for generations to come.
“We are so grateful for this partnership with SCHEELS and their generous donation toward our Berthoud Life Center! As a Berthoud resident, I am passionate about this project and am excited about what the Life Center will provide for our community. This donation from SCHEELS is a great example of how our small community is coming together to make a difference and we are so excited to have them on this journey with us.” Jinger Tomassi, Assistant Director – Berthoud, House of Neighborly Service

"SCHEELS cares about our local communities and we make it our mission to be an active member through donations, outreach and volunteerism. SCHEELS has a goal of helping to build strong communities in each of our markets and encourages our associates to find something they are passionate about and take the steps to make a lasting impact in their community. Each year, our employees facilitate amazing opportunities for our company to get involved with local organizations, whether that be through volunteering or monetary donations. We are excited to support The Berthoud Life Center, the 5th large-scale community project in Northern Colorado that we have supported through opportunities brought forth by our associates. We are grateful for the chance to support this project and look forward to seeing this dream become reality!" - Janae Burich, SCHEELS Marketing Leader

To learn more about House of Neighborly Service’s plans to build the Berthoud Life Center, and how you can be involved, please contact Jinger Tomassi at 970-532-0161 or visit the website:

Family Promise of Larimer County is a program for children and their families experiencing homelessness. We walk alongside families with case management and advocacy as they identify and address their barriers to stable housing and self-reliance. Jimmy and his daughter, Jayla, are recent guests that successfully participated in the Family Promise shelter program. Below is Jimmy and Jayla’s story.

Jimmy is from Loveland and is a single dad with a young daughter. This past winter he found himself in a situation he never thought they would be in - homeless and hopeless. His road to homelessness was not by choice but by difficult circumstances that led them there. Due to surgery on both of his hands, his business as a private contractor fell apart. Everything snowballed from that point, leaving him and his daughter sleeping in their car. Family Housing Network (an affiliate of Realities for Children) referred Jimmy and Jayla to Family Promise. Once we met with him, he demonstrated his desire to get back on his feet immediately; he didn’t even want to file for unemployment. Within a few days, Jimmy and Jayla joined our Family Promise shelter program and that same week Jimmy started a full time job at a local cabinet shop.

Right before he started his job, Family Promise received notice that Loveland Housing Authority had immediate openings. Our team got on the phone with the Housing Authority and was able to get an application sent over and we worked through it with Jimmy. With a referral from Family Promise, Jimmy was approved for housing within a few days. Once we secured housing, the process for rental assistance began. Due to funding from Larimer County, Family Promise was able to provide three months of rental assistance to stabilize Jimmy and Jayla and position them to move out of homelessness successfully. In just one week, Jimmy and his daughter were safely sheltered, he had a new job, and became stably housed (including three months of rental assistance.)

After finding out about his apartment and the rental assistance he would receive, Jimmy sent our team an email:

“I am pretty much blown away by your news!  Three months of rent is two months more than I expected, I don't know what to say. Thank you! With this and with what my coach through the workforce center was able to help with, not only are we now in a stable home but also now have the chance to put money back in savings and make sure this never happens again! We are able to get furniture and things for the kitchen. I am blown away at the proficiency, dedication and knowledge that not just your organization has but that you yourself has put forth. It is difficult for me to believe that anyone who truly does not wish to be homeless and comes across your desk would be for long-and I think that they will be fortunate and the better for it. You’re AWESOME! Thank you!” 

I Felt Like I Mattered

Carlos came to the United States when he  was 20 years old as a migrant worker and today, he has minimal things to his name - a bicycle, a radio, and few personal belongings. Carlos was in an accident last year that left him with brain damage and an injured foot. He rode his bike to work every morning before 5 a.m., which was becoming difficult to do with his injured foot from the accident. He ended up losing his job because he could no longer perform the job requirements. Carlos currently lives in a garage with no consistent access to a restroom and shower. With no income, it has become difficult to pay rent and buy groceries. Through House of Neighborly Service, Carlos has received bedding and groceries. He was also set up with an appointment to receive medical attention for his foot and set him up with a specialist to receive physical therapy. If he is not able to make it to HNS, we have had someone personally drop off food to him. Each time Carlos receives help from HNS we are able to provide him with someone who speaks Spanish fluently and treats him with dignity and respect. 

- Carlos’ story told by his caseworker (names have been modified to protect the client’s privacy)

Desperation to Gratefulness

Ruth is a single mom to three kids who contracted COVID-19. She had to quarantine for a minimum of two weeks and could not work, therefore, could not pay her rent. With three kids to care for, figuring out how she was going to feed them and keep a roof over their heads became a serious concern for her and she felt desperate. Ruth was able to go to House of Neighborly Service and the food bank, where she received an abundance of groceries. HNS also helped to provide her with resources and walked her through getting set up with Neighbor to Neighbor, so that she could pay her rent. Ruth was so grateful for the help and support of HNS during this unexpected crisis. 

- Ruth’s story told by her caseworker (names have been modified to protect the client’s privacy)

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